.EnGenius Utomhus Accesspunkt 5,0 GHz.

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EnGenius Utomhus accesspunkt 5,0 GHz

Pris: 1610 kr

6338649 EnGenius ENH500, utomhus accesspunkt, 5GHz

ENH är en professionell Brygga/Accesspunkt som kan användas för att distribuera WiFi på 5GHz bandet. Användningsområdet kan vara att dela Internet mellan två fastigheter eller att förse en camping, restaurang eller konferensanläggning med WiFi. Ytterligare användningsområden kan vara digitala övervakningssystem eller annonspelare där man önskar få fram WiFi. It would not be considered as one of the best outdoor access points if it doesn’t have a very long range. With ENH500, we’re talking about 4 miles of good coverage. If you’re planning to share your connection to friends’ homes or you’re setting up offices close to the outdoor access point, then you can definitely save money as you can scrimp on more expensive Internet data plans. The access point provides up to 300 mbps throughput and is designed to be compliant with the IEEE 802.11b/g/n protocols. Moreover, the device comes with an internal antenna that has a gain of 13dBi with dual polarity that further enhances Internet speed. It connects on the 5GHz frequency, which is only necessary since most devices run on 2.4GHz. Thus, this frequency is often prone to interference or noise that can considerably reduce your Internet strength and speed. Fast Ethernet Ports The ENH500 has two fast Ethernet ports, which you can use to expand your network quickly and easily. You can also share devices such as printers. Weather-proof Case Though the access point as a warranty, it is also designed to withstand the various environmental conditions, especially rain, snow, and lightning, which can have adverse effects not only to the Internet connection but to the device itself. ENH500 ensures that you can use it for many years. It can also carry heavy loads, which normally happen when a lot of people connect online through the access point. Mounting Kits

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